It’s the holiday season, and there’s one thing for sure. You’re going to see your friends and family and drink way too much booze. Regardless of your drink of choice, hangovers are grueling, especially as you age. Luckily, if you find yourself battling a hangover, there’s something reliable you can turn to for some relief. Survive holiday hangovers with CBD this holiday season.

What Causes A Hangover?

You’re hungover because you drank too much. It happens. Chemically, what causes a hangover? Consuming too much alcohol causes many responses in your body, causing headaches, nausea, dehydration, and many other symptoms.

When you decide to have one more drink at 3 am, remember that your stomach is going to hurt in the morning. Drinking alcohol causes an increase in stomach acid production. This is why you will inevitably wake up with an aching stomach and nausea that will last you for hours.

Drinking too much also causes an immune response. Why? Because drinking too much isn’t good for you. The immune system’s inflammatory response is what causes your blurry vision, foggy memory, and lack of motor skills. In short, your body attacks itself for drinking, which gives you to aches and pains in the morning.

When you’re drinking heavily, you go to the bathroom a lot. Alcohol consumption initiates a urine response, leading you to the bathroom and ultimately dehydration. After a night out, most people end up dehydrated and with a headache.

How Can CBD Help My Hangover?

With CBD, you can survive the inevitable hangover that the holidays will inspire. CBD is a natural anti-nausea, a powerful anti-inflammatory, and invigorating antioxidant.

The endocannabinoid system plays a large role in the body’s digestive system. As a well-studied anti-nausea, CBD is a natural solution to the stomach aches you’ll experience after a night of drinking. Nothing is worse than having to run to the bathroom for fear of getting sick. For your stomach hangover symptoms, CBD is a natural anti-nausea that can relieve your urge to get sick. Additionally, it will help you to eat. When you’re hungover, food is a saving grace.

After drinking, inflammation occurs throughout the body, causing aches and pains, loss of appetite, and headaches. As a natural anti-inflammatory, CBD can help your battle through even the worse of hangovers. After taking CBD, your immune system’s inflammatory response will be inhibited, giving you new life during festive celebrations.

After a night out, many individuals turn to powerful antioxidants to help them re-hydrate and energize for the next party. As an antioxidant and neuroprotectant, CBD helps to repair cells that are damaged by heavy alcohol consumption. Oftentimes during a hangover, you’ll experience sluggishness, which is a nudge that you should turn to CBD. While alcohol is fun in the moment, it is harmful to the human body. Luckily, CBD can help relieve our decision to over-indulge during the holiday season.

Many CBD Hangover Options

It is easy to survive holiday hangovers with CBD. This multipurpose hangover remedy comes in a variety of forms, giving you the ability to relieve your hangover in any way you desire. Infinite CBD isolate is available in droppers, vape cartridges, capsules and even gummies. No matter how you decide to find hangover relief with CBD, you’ll be a happy less-hungover camper afterward.

Rather than suffering from hangovers that last for days, CBD can help you survive and party on through the holiday season.