Cannabis Terms Defined and Glossary

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Cannabis Terms Defined and Explained: A Glossary
As the authorized cannabis trade continues to develop and public help for the legalization of leisure and medical marijuana use grows, an growing number of traders have taken note. Public and private hashish-associated companies raised practically $thirteen.eight million in 2018, compared cbd vape cartridge blueberry, CBD eliquid to $three.5 billion in 2017, according to information from Viridian Capital Advisors cited by Fortune. Shares in cannabis firms like Canopy Growth Corp. (CGC), Tilray, Inc. (TLRY) and Cronos Group Inc. (CRON) soared final year as specialists in contrast them to bitcoin.
Cannabis Terms Defined and Explained: A Glossary
There are additionally several negative results together with dry mouth, speedy coronary heart beat, impaired brief time period reminiscence, nervousness, and panic attacks. They then take that marijuana with them as they go to take their “THC” exams (a play on the hashish element of marijuana however stated to stand for Testing for Higher Credentials within the film). Extracts which might be created from crops that grew via their full grow cycle and had been then cured and dried before being run through an extraction machine. This course of usually ends in concentrates in consistencies corresponding to Sugar, Batter, Budder, Shatter, and Wax. The chemical compounds and components used to extract cannabinoids from the raw plant, most commonly including Propane, Butane, CO2, Ethanol, and ice water.
The difference between wax and budder is subtle, but typically, budder is a softer, pliable product (like softened butter at room temperature) while wax developments extra in the direction of the crumbly side. “Families of youngsters with epilepsy transferring to Colorado, drawn by success of marijuana oil”. Strains are developed to produce distinct desired traits in the plant and are normally named by their breeders (or by artistic shoppers).
Trichomes are liable for producing the massive majority of a hashish plant’s cannabinoids. Along with indica and sativa, ruderalis is likely one of the three species of hashish crops.
Ruderalis crops are somewhat larger than indica ones, and it also flowers on its own and without stimulation from a light-weight cycle. Additionally, Ruderalis vegetation are inclined to have larger concentrations of CBD relative to indica and sativa. QWISO, or “quick-wash isopropyl,” is a method to make hash oil that entails using isopropyl alcohol to collect trichomes from a hashish plant. The process of feminization ends in cannabis seeds that produce solely female plants.
Marijuana is a drug that’s principally smoked — in a joint, a bowl, a bong, or other device — however generally it can be eaten. Marijuana is unlawful, however it’s thought-about a “soft drug” — versus onerous medicine like heroin or cocaine, which are killers.
Cannabis Terms Defined and Explained: A Glossary


Strains – “Strain” just isn’t technically the best word for describing a “type” of Cannabis, however is nonetheless the phrase that is generally used. (The appropriate time period is definitely cultivar.) Strains typically have silly, quite arbitrary-sounding names, like “Northern Lights” or “Sour Diesel,” given as marketing instruments to spur leisure sales.
CO2 oil is a cannabis concentrate, made from the Supercritical CO2 extraction course of. Supercritical CO2 is a fluid state of carbon dioxide held at or above the critical point of temperature and stress, which can be utilized as a solvent in the hashish extraction course of. These are the fluffy components which are harvested and used for recreational or medicinal functions as they contain the best concentrations of energetic cannabinoids.

They are also are liable for what are stated to be cannabis’ many medicinal properties—anti-spasmodic, anti-convulsant, anti-proliferative, most cancers-fighting, anti-inflammatory, ache cbd gummies 3000mg, CBD gummy bears-relieving, and more. Williams provides that while THC and CBD are the 2 primary cannabinoids, there are more than a hundred present in hashish.
Cannabis Terms Defined and Explained: A Glossary

Marijuana Glossary

They are generally baked items similar to cookies and brownies, but options as various as flavored espresso drinks, breads, and candies exist as nicely. Dispensaries also typically sell marijuana-infused butters or oils for sufferers or customers to make their own edibles. Consuming edibles means the energetic parts from the extracts require longer to take effect cbd oil dogs as they have to be absorbed by way of the digestive system. A dab is a slang term used to refer to a dose of hashish concentrates “dabbed” onto a redhot floor and inhaled. This refers to a clipping from a cannabis plant, which might then be rooted and grown through a cloning means of the mother plant, from which the clone was cut.
An entry level is a location the place medical marijuana patients are authorized to purchase or pick up hashish. The term “access point” is commonly used somewhat interchangeably with the time period “dispensary.” In either case, the situation refers to a state-approved facility which should abide by strict processes and tips.
[See cannabis industrial and home products.]hemp juiceA non-psychoactive drink cold-pressed from hashish leaves and flowers. [See hashish industrial and home merchandise.]hemp milkPlant milk produced from hashish seeds.
Multiple cannabis crops may be interbred to generate a new pressure of product in a course of known as “crossbreeding,” or “crossing,” for short. New strains of marijuana are produced to be able to control for components including look, efficiency and extra.
Ruderalis is a low-THC cannabis variety that’s primarily selected by breeders for its CBD-wealthy genetics. Unlike Cannabis sativa and indica, which use gentle cycles to flower, ruderalis is an “autoflowering” selection, that means it flowers with age. Originating in Russia, ruderalis is a hardy plant that may survive harsh climates. On hashish, it’s recognized as the little hair-like extensions on the flowers that range in color from white to purple to darker orange-brown. When plants are going to be fertilized, the pistil acts to collect the male pollen.
These are the top most flowering buds of the cannabis stalk and often contain the very best concentrations of cannabinoids. Cannabis lovers are continuously coming up with new ways to talk about hashish, hashish consumption, and kinds of hashish.
The form of hashish concentrates initially pioneered by Kind Bill and Giddyup in Colorado. Live resin is made by harvesting of hashish plants earlier than flowering is complete, after which freezing the plant materials somewhat than allowing it to finish its cycle of blooming, drying and curing. This process produces concentrates with a lot larger terpene contents and are sometimes bought as Live Diamonds, Live Sauce, Live Wax, Live Badder, Live Sugar, and “full spectrum” extracts. Concentrated variations of cannabis compounds that are extracted from the uncooked plant.
Cannabis Terms Defined and Explained: A Glossary
CB1 – CB1 stands for “Cannabinoid Receptor Type 1.” CB1 is a type of receptor found mainly in the mind. CB1 receptors are activated by THC when you use marijuana, which is why marijuana has psychological and physical effects. The most well-known kind of Cannabinoid is THC, however marijuana truly accommodates dozens of different Cannabinoids.
However, they are still considered unlawful within the United States. BHO stands for butane hash oil and is a potent focus of cannabinoids made by dissolving marijuana in its plant type in a solvent (normally butane). The resulting product has very high THC levels (typically greater than flowers or cannabis) and is a thick, sticky oil. BHO can be referred to as honey oil, “dabs” or “dabbing,” earwax, or shatter, depending on the manufacturing method.

Half the states in the U.S. at present have medical marijuana applications. Each of these applications is run by a different company, and each company makes use of different terms and follows completely full spectrum cbd different procedures. The glossary under explains some key phrases particular to Massachusetts’ medical Cannabis program. Do not purchase these merchandise.Spice and K2 are synthetic drugs that can trigger convulsions, kidney failure, hallucinations, and dying.
If not, they will proceed to supply the resin that accommodates their active cannabinoids until they’re harvested or start to die. A medical entry level is an authorized location the place patients can discover and purchase medical marijuana. It can also be called a choose-up location, and while treatment ought to be pretty straightforward to acquire, the power should observe state tips so authorization, paperwork, and a store process ought to be expected. In the medical cannabis group, an access level is usually synonymous with a dispensary relying on individual state legislation, pointers, and lingo.
To “dab,” a consumer places a small quantity of a cannabis consider a hot oil rig pipe; the focus is vaporized and the user then inhales the vapor. The time period “crystals” refers to trichomes, a white, crystal-like part of the cannabis plant which incorporates high concentrations of THC. The bud of a marijuana plant is the flower, found on mature plants. Buds comprise high levels of cannabinoids, making them a preferred alternative for harvesting.

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Cannabis Terms Defined and Explained: A Glossary
  • When crops are left unfertilized, as in the case of marijuana, the pistils change and may be indicators of plant ripeness.
  • Additionally, Ruderalis crops are inclined to have higher concentrations of CBD relative to indica and sativa.
  • CBD specifically has turn out to be popular in recent times as a result of a belief that it offers medical benefits for patients affected by varied afflictions together with seizures, ache, arthritis and more.
  • Now for the opposite letter combo, CBD, which stands for “cannabidiol.” It’s another one of those eighty five chemical compounds found in pot.
  • Pre-roll is a commonly used time period that refers to a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette, slangily known as a joint.
  • Consuming edibles means the active components from the extracts require longer to take impact as they have to be absorbed via the digestive system.

These embody lotions and lotions that are applied topically and which purpose to handle issues like pain and pores and skin problems. Even though some topicals comprise THC, the strategy of absorption means that they do not trigger the “excessive” of different cannabis merchandise. Seed-to-sale is a term used to refer gummies50mg jar, CBD gummy bears to the shut watch cannabis corporations should carry on every step of the manufacturing course of to be able to adjust to government regulations. Sativa crops are the tallest of all of the hashish species, and the strain is often thought-about to enhance creativity and power.
Since female crops are the ones that produce flowers (which is where most of cannabis’ cannabinoids are found), they are the only ones which might be used to create marijuana products. Feminized seeds are intended to make issues easier for growers by eliminating the need to decide the intercourse of growing vegetation and take away males early on to forestall fertilization. Generally, feminized seeds produce the same high quality of plants as naturally produced seeds. CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of the no less than 85 cannabinoids found in cannabis and the second solely to THC in relation to average volume. High CBD strains, such as Harlequin, are being bred extra actively and appearing more regularly available on the market.
The one exception to this rule is transdermal topicals, which are meant to ship a selected dose by way of the pores and skin and might cause a high. Terpenes, says Williams, give crops their smells and flavors, and when it comes to hashish, dictate what kind of high you’re going to have. Inhalation is one other main methodology of consuming hashish by means of smoking or vaporizing. Indica and sativa are each scientific terms that outline totally different species of the cannabis plant. Chasen describes indica as a plant that grows short, bushy to the bottom, with a really dense flower construction and broadleaf variety leaves.
Slang for dear, nice, rare, trending, and quite a lot of different uses. Originally, your head stash consisted of only the most effective nugs, and your “heady” items had been used only for head stash nugs.

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Two of these species, often known as Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica, are the source of most medical Cannabis within the United States. Also generally known as “crystals,” trichomes are resin-producing glands on a marijuana plant.

cbd for cats Plenty of new phrases and slang for weed have been created out of this specific kind of cannabis. Now for the opposite letter combo, CBD, which stands for “cannabidiol.” It’s one other one of those eighty five chemical compounds present in pot. CBD has well being advantages, and it’s one of the explanation why marijuana may be medically legal where you live. It doesn’t produce the high like THC does, nevertheless it does suppress nausea, calm anxiousness, help insomnia, and may even have antioxidant and neuroprotectant advantages as well. That 1971 hit by the duo Brewer and Shipley was written as a paean to marijuana.
Contrary to in style belief, the consequences from smoking hashish or hash are not elevated by holding the smoke within the lungs longer. Also contrary to in style belief, more potent cannabis or hash just isn’t extra dangerous.
On, Tom Shipley commented, “‘When we wrote ‘One Toke Over the Line,’ I think we have been one toke over the line.” Back in that day, marijuana was lumped in with all sorts of drugs deemed to be forbidden. But now, recreational use is authorized in several of the United States. So, as a number one source of terminology for you English-speakers, we’re offering you with a mini-glossary of phrases you might be reading or listening to about as smoking comes out of the basement and into the authorized light. Hopefully, this glossary has helped you perceive some fundamental elements of medical marijuana in Massachusetts. I comprehend it’s plenty of data to course of suddenly, so please don’t hesitate to contact Inhale MD at with any questions about the Massachusetts medical Cannabis program, or your eligibility to become a patient.
RMD – Stands for “Registered Marijuana Dispensary.” An RMD is a business that has been approved to sell medical Cannabis in Massachusetts. Registered Patient – A patient who has gone by way of the registration process to be able to turn into a medical marijuana user with DPH approval. All registered sufferers will obtain an ID card identifying them as sufferers.
Alternatively, she says, sativa is a plant that grows tall, skinny, with loose flower construction and slim leaves. Chasen says that whereas most dispensaries nonetheless label their cannabis flower as indica/sativa/hybrid, many dispensaries additionally display the THC/CBD concentrations by proportion. These concentrations are examples of the product’s chemotype, and provides you with a clue as to the type of experience it’s going to produce. Chasen says if they do, they are often very happy to reveal those test outcomes.
Cannabidiol, generally abbreviated as CBD, is considered one of dozens of molecules in the hashish plant that are known as cannabinoids. CBD particularly has turn into in style in recent times as a result of a perception that it provides medical advantages for patients affected by numerous afflictions including seizures, pain, arthritis and more. hempcreteA bio-composite development materials made of hemp hurds. [See hashish industrial and home products.]hemp jewelryJewelry produced from hemp cord, rope, or thread.
The time period “cannabinoids” refers to a big group of chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant. These compounds have interaction with receptors in the cells of the mind which are associated to neurotransmission. # The Best CBD Drinks from Just CBD StoreThe two finest-identified cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) and cannabidiol (“CBD”). THC is well-recognized for producing psychoactive results in users of hashish merchandise; it is the compound liable for the “excessive” associated with hashish use.


This consists of references to how weed is measured, cultural and consumption slang, as well as focus-particular terms and phrases. We’ve damaged down some of the most common slang for weed to help cbd gummies 3000mg jar, CBD gummy bears you get your vocabulary somewhat greater. The mission of the Epilepsy Foundation is to lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to cease seizures, discover cures, and save lives.


Refers to hashish and has roots in the Hindi word for hemp crops. THC – THC stands for “Tetrahydrocannabinol.” THC is the Cannabinoid responsible for lots of Cannabis’ medical properties together with people who treat pain, melancholy, inflammation, nausea, and poor urge for food. It seems, however, that these can have lively effects far past simply making vegetation scent a specific way, and interact with the Cannabinoids mentioned above to give Cannabis its results. In a medical context, marijuana is also known as “Cannabis.” Cannabis is solely a genus of plant, and contains a number of different species of marijuana vegetation. When trichomes are faraway from a marijuana plant, kief is the result.
cbd infused pain cream50 mg Marijuana is the general term for female cannabis crops or their dried flowers. Females are distinct from male crops in that they’re those that produce flowers which contain the excessive share of cannabinoids that hold each their medicinal and psychoactive properties. Hemp is a fibrous product that can be produced from the male cannabis plant and can be used in the manufacture of rope, paper, magnificence merchandise, and a vast array of other products.
Kief is typically mistakenly referred to as pollen and is the primary ingredient in hashish production. Indica is the much less scientific title for the Cannabis indica species of hashish. Generally these vegetation originated within the Middle East and Asia and embrace each of the well-known kush and Afghan lineages.
Hybrids can happen unintentionally, however they’re usually bred specifically to combine desired traits of the original crops. You most likely know what flowers are; they’re typically the “pretty” part of a plant, and the identical is true for hashish. While hashish flowers don’t have traditional petals or appear to be daisies, they’re still the reproductive organ of the feminine crops. Cannabis flowers are the hairy, sticky, crystal-covered bits which are harvested and dried to be used as treatment. When they’re allowed to be fertilized by male crops, these flowers will produce cannabis seeds.
Despite what you’ll learn in abundance on the net, most medicinal properties of Cannabis aren’t strain-particular. How you use Cannabis medically is way more necessary to your well being, and makes it price discussing with your doctor.
Most cannabis users would in all probability outline a strain by some combination of factors including botanical lineage, appearance, chemical profile, and accompanying effects. This is more or less the standards that make up a “strain” in the eyes of the hashish industry. The term itself is actually a slang term for a wide range of the cannabis plant, in addition to its spinoff merchandise. Trichomes are the resin production glands of the hashish plant.
[See hashish industrial and residential merchandise.]hemp oilOil extracted from hashish seeds. [See cannabis industrial and residential products.]hemp proteinThe protein content of hemp seeds.
Cannabis Terms Defined and Explained: A Glossary
People name marijuana “pot” and “weed” and 100 different slang terms. There’s also medical marijuana, which sick people, particularly most cancers sufferers, can get to relieve their ache. Starting a new medication may be confusing if you aren’t familiar with some primary terminology. There are all the time new phrases for patients to study, and this is very true of medical marijuana. Not only are there tons of slang phrases for marijuana itself, there are additionally many terms associated to dispensaries, dosing, the affected person registration course of, ways of using Cannabis, and human biology.
It is a kind of cannabis focus also known as dry sieve hash. Decarboxylation is a process used to remodel sure inactive cannabinoids into energetic compounds like THC and CBD. The process entails the sluggish heating of marijuana at a low temperature and is usually utilized to make edibles. Agitation refers to a particular process within the strategy of harvesting marijuana vegetation and merchandise. In agitation, producers make the most of bodily contact with marijuana crops in order to break off trichromes for collection and processing.
Alcohol extraction — This technique uses alcohol (preferably pure ethyl alcohol, but also isopropyl) as a solvent to strip cannabis of its trichomes and important oils. After washing the plant material, the remaining alcohol is evaporated off, forsaking a golden hash oil. Further processing by way of heat, agitation, or vacuum strain will aid in eradicating any residual alcohol from the oil, which is crucial previous to smoking, as well as result in totally different textures (shatter, budder, or oil).
A piece of sunshine or darkish firmly pressed resin from the hashish plant. Much stronger than weed, regardless what some people at urbandictionary declare. When you smoke a hash joint, you employ around 0,7 grams of good high quality hash mixed with 1 toasted cigarette. The concentrated resin from the tops of female marijuana crops.
When a cannabis focus is made utilizing freshly picked plants that are immediately harvested and frozen, the product is called reside resin. A hydroponic system makes it possible to grow hashish without using soil and improve the plant’s growth fee. Specifically, hydroponic mechanisms circulate both water and important nutrients to a cannabis plant’s roots in order to facilitate growth.
Individually, these various kinds of plant matter possess tremendous therapeutic worth and contribute to the entourage impact (discussed below). These are an enormously various class of natural compounds produced by a large number of plants—including the hashish plant. There’s a wealth of cannabis and CBD and associated products on the market proper now and with it a number of cannabis phrases.
Strain names often mirror the plant’s look, its promised buzz, or its place of origin. Although the medical marijuana trade strives for consistency, strains can easily be mistakenly or purposely misidentified. Pre-roll is a generally used term that refers to a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette, slangily known as a joint.